[Digital] Fantasies

This pavilion is built upon a versatile ground of digital fantasies.

Dive into an underwater fantasy on the rhythm of the forever changing colors of the sea; to browse through a world of objects, a flow of images that shape a story and influence its writing in return; on your quest toward the Analog Mount build hundreds of sound maps by collecting fragments of memories; engage in rituals of grief in fields of digital landscapes, sending typed letters to deceased loved ones; heal in a weightless holistic world, spinning inside infinite rotational systems; stroll in a stream of consciousness between organically aggregated digital images; dip in dreams of algorithms consuming data, and wake up reflecting upon yourself in a glimmer of reality fantasy is based on; you won’t find an average body through the gaps of the sufferers’ insides, no homogeneity in her crumbling body; teleport to the right hemisphere of your brain, shifting to a space of tranquility; can you now measure the immeasurable? how long would it take for you to count infinity?; time won’t matter on the mountain of Anboto, where earth, water, fire, air, and humans are weaving relationships; it will all decompose and end in decay.