[Digital] Fantasies

Networked Veil
Catarina Rodrigues

Catarina Rodrigues is a London-based digital designer and creative coder with a great interest in generative visuals, mixed realities and the human psyche. With a background in filmmaking, she’s currently developing her practice across digital media and interactive installations. In my her, Catarina explores new ways of interconnecting nature and computation as these elements often inhabit the same space.

‘Networked Veil’ is an interactive projection that creates new digital landscapes based on the emotional content of text messages based on grief. For this project, I was drawn to new rituals of grief and collective memorialisation within the digital realm and how our manifestation of personal grief and fear of death is being altered through technology. In Networked Veil we look at the ancient ritual of writing a message to the deceased loved one. As our communication is severely mediated by technology, writing a letter has been replaced with typing. As we progressively witness the advancement of technological tools, I question what tools we will use to express our grief – lighting digital candles and funeral live streams are already a reality.


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