[Digital] Fantasies

They were expected to see what stuff she was made of
Katie Tindle

Katie’ is an artist and arts educator. Her practice uses machine learning, computer vision and physical computing in innovative and challenging ways. She borrows from the lexicon of the fields of healthcare and of commercial wellness companies to make work which profiles bodies figured through these systems. Her work draws on the narrative traditions of gothic literature, and speculative feminist science fiction to encourage confrontation with technology as a product of social and cultural environment

The film tells the story of an unknown woman who is undergoing an examination to see whether she has an illness which is not yet fully understood. The illness is causing holes and gaps to appear in the sufferers’ insides, progressing to the point where the body crumbles. Scientists are unsure of what causes the disease, whether it be environmental, moral, spiritual or caused by the procedure itself. Treatment is also debated and the full effects of the illness are not understood. This writing is the scaffolding around which the rest of the work is built, and functions as a way for me to critique the concept of a homogenous body, the language of illness and idea there can be universal truths on which to base treatment of the body. This piece acknowledges that medicine involves interpretation and to understand it to be absolute ignores the situatedness of healthcare as a practice. This denial of subjectivity in turn can work to marginalise those who have bodies which are not what is currently understood as average.


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