[Digital] Fantasies

Message in a Bottle
Kerrie O'Leary

Kerrie O'Leary is a multimedia-artist currently working in Howth, Dublin. Her work is interested in turning complex data sets into simple visualizations that uncover previously unseen connections and patterns. The data driven work Kerrie produces is influenced by her undergraduate degree in Management Science and Information Systems. Blurring the lines between spreadsheets and creativity with Processing, Arduino and openFrameworks she aims to make artworks that surprise and excite.

Forever inspired by the sea, I am mesmerised its constant movement and forever changing colour. Message in a Bottle is an underwater fantasy that visualises a dataset of real waves from the Great Pacific Ocean. The immersive installation was created using physical computing components and projections. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) have a data buoy centre that have weather stations world wide. This particular station is located at 46246, (50°1'2"" N 145°10'12"" W). The NOAA has historical data for this station going back to 2010, the data is logged every 30 minutes and includes information on the wind speed, sea temperature, wave heights and the period between waves. The ebb and flow motion the bottles is produced taking the wave heights recorded by the weather station and mapping these values to the speed of rotation of thirteen motors. The larger the wave, the faster the rotation of the motor. The projected lighting gently changes from deep navy to brighter blues digitally recreating the fantasy of the ocean.


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