[Digital] Fantasies

Lucy Martin

Lucy is a 3D motion designer/VR artist working with various 3D software’s. Her work explores themes of reality, being and embodiment. The core focus of her practice is developed through virtual reality, a medium that navigates space and environment. The richer the environment, the more present you become.

FigmentOf[i]magination is a teleportation paradox exploring the tranquillity brought by the right hemisphere of the brain where consciousness and perception are free to shift. Interested in the philosophy behind reality, this work explores spirituality and the ideas around being present. We wanted to discover the impact that immersive sensory experiences can have on people’s consciousness and emotional feelings, introducing the participants to another state through experience. We were fascinated by how virtual realities can keep you present and we therefor wanted to mess with senses through light and sound in a non-linear narrative experience.


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