[Digital] Fantasies

"LoHaitz" the myth of a sleeping rock
Maria Gracia Cebrecos Loayza

Maria Gracia is a peruvian independent developing artist, photographer, and architect. She was formed in an architectural school but has also been a self-taught artist interested in developing a body of work that starts from documentary audiovisuals and is followed by the application of different techniques, such as: material exploration, space and interaction. Her purpose is to construct new realities that most of the time cannot be easily seen, not only through images but also through the experience of inhabiting. In her recent works she has been exploring live interactive intallations. Her current themes are: nature, culture, identity, and perception.

"Loayza is my second lastname. “Lo” which means asleep and “Haitz” which means rock en euskera. Through the search to reconnect with my and our origins this project is based is the Basque Mithology where the mountain and the rock play and important role the beliefs and legends. The concept starts from the idea to establishing clearly the dual concept between nature and humans. It is and interactive installation that relates humans, mythology and nature. A sculpture inspired in the main Mountain of the Basque Mythology, Anboto, is given aliveness through the projection mapping of landscapes and natural elements: earth, water, fire and air. The experience of interaction is approached by the curiosity and proximity of the visitor where the natural sounds get distorted by the presence of a body. It is not an aim to use technology to imitate nature, it rather emphasises and put on view the influence of humans and the relationship with “Amalur”, which means Mother Earth in euskera. It is a dual but at the same time complementary relationship, as it is in mythology."


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