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with-lasers is a computational artist, who seeks to leverage there computational background to research, (re)discover and create new works that explore computation and it's features. By looking at early techniques in computer graphics, they seek to imagine worlds in which the computing power available to the modern artist, can be applied to these often abstract visual techniques, creating new and intricate worlds that sit at a juncture of conventinal spaces, three dimensional, but not three dimensional, complex yet basic. Producing works in a variety of media, from prints, to films, to performances that look to understand how instruments of both sound and video can be created, they are currently completing a MFA in Computational Arts at Goldsmiths London.

Taking inspiration from the early computer assisted graphics of John and James Whitney, where they used war surplus gun computers to generate complex rotational animations of physical elements - creating films with a hypnotic beauty. Navagraha imagines how a similar approach could be taken with the technology available to the artist today - in this case virtualising the idea of the rotational system, allowing it to become more complex and exist in a three dimensional space. Replacing lights / painted cards from the originals with pierced meshes, that are deformed by straightforward mathematical transformations creates a contemplative and meditative space into which the observer has an opportunity to experience the complex ebb and flow of emerging moiré patterns emerging from shapes interfering with themselves and other systems. Couple with a soundtrack by Joseph Beg, an ambient composer who explores holistic worlds of healing and music production a weightless, immersive calming film results. Produced originally as part of the artists research in his study, the visual system from the film has since been expanded into a performance system, where the underlying parameters are used to generate audio and video, and these systems continue to play a key part in theor research and ongoing development.


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